I lived in Brooklyn for six years and never ate kale.

Anyone living in the five boroughs is probably questioning everything they’ve every known to be true.  Yes Virginia, you can live in Brooklyn and not love everything kale.  To be fair, one year we were members of a CSA and ate an ungodly amount of kohlrabi. Never. Again.

So despite my ignorance to the bliss of kale while living in BK I am now a card carrying member of the, “I Love Kale Club.” It all happened last fall when I discovered this kale and brussels sprout salad.   {I add pomegranate seeds to the recipe.  They are a pain in the ass to work with but so worth it.}

Since falling in love with that salad I’ve expanded my kale repertoire to include various versions of kale caesar salads, adding it to soups and on occasion I’ve even used it in place of my beloved collard greens.

I’ve learned the trick to a tastier raw kale is to massage the leaves.  I guess hearty greens are pretty stressed out.  OK kidding aside, massaging the leaves makes kale more palatable and easier to digest.  You simply chop it, throw it in a bowl and massage it a bit like you would knead dough.  The kale actually changes color while you massage it.  It will begin to wilt as the cellulose structure breaks down (fancy science talk!) and becomes more vibrant green and softer in texture.  Because of Kale’s heartiness it stays crisp (even after it has been dressed) for days in the fridge.

So while I still staunchly believe the Park Slope Food Coop should be feared like a communist during the cold war, I am now a devoted (ex-brooklynite) fan of Kale.

Kale - Before and After Massage

Kale – Pre and Post Massage.