Thirty Days to Create a Habit

 Q. What’s red, white and black all over?

I wasn’t going to write today.  Friday marked 30 days of blog posts and with the publication of number 30 I felt I’d accomplished my goal.  I told myself I’d still write, but only if I had something to say.  Well, it is 5:55PM and I find myself feeling unsettled with the fact that I didn’t write anything.  Not because I have something to say but because, well…I don’t really know why.

They say anything you do for 30 days becomes a habit.  I just realized how much I hate sentences that start off with, “They say.”  Just who the hell are “they” and how do “they” know so much?  Per usual, I’ve now googled, “30 days to create a habit.”

According to this Huffington Post article, the 30-day thing is kinda malarkey. And no, The Huffington Post is not necessarily the best source to site when trying to back up a scientific theory, but it sites an abstract from the European Journal of Social Psychology thus my source is in fact, totes legit.  According to the EJSP study it is too early to tell if I have created a habit and the bottom line is: Habits take a long time to form.

A. A nun in a blender!

OK, my joke was totally out of left field (possibly borderline inappropriate.) I’ll explain. When I was fifteen I played Sister Mary Leo in two productions of Nunsense.  First at Raleigh Little Theatre and then later at Triangle Dinner Theatre – which based on my internet searches no longer exists.  This bums me out because it was the first place I was paid to work as a theatre actress. But at the same time doesn’t seem at all surprising because I have memories of the theatre’s producer handing out checks on Sunday nights and asking us to kindly wait a few days before depositing/cashing the checks.  This was the first, but not last theatre gig I had over the years where this request was made.  Ahh, the glamour of show biz!

Back to explaining why any of this is even remotely relevant to a bad joke about nuns.  The show has a song with the lyrics, “Nunsense is habit forming, that’s what people say.” And thus, that song has been in my head since I first wrote the word habit in the post title. Fortunately, 99.9% of you will have no reference for this song, but for the .1% that do (I’m looking at you Erin) I apologize.  I know you too will now be cursed with it playing in your head for the remainder of the day.


Patti Thorp, 15 year old me, and Sandi Sullivan. {At the time these fabulous women seemed “so old.” Now I look at them and see babies.  Argh.}



Raleigh News & Observer clipping courtesy the scrap book my Mom made for me as a High School Graduation gift.





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