Before and After Dresser

Sometimes the best things in life are free.

About 2 years ago we needed a dresser for the downstairs guest room.  (AKA: The Blue Room.)  Per usual, I had a pretty clear image in my head of what I wanted the dresser to look like.  And then one day lo and behold, I spotted it with a free sign at the end of one of my neighbor’s driveways! I zipped back up the street to find Shawn to help me haul it home.  Shawn was skeptical at first.  It was after-all, a brown metal dresser with kelly green ceramic pulls. According to the previous owner, “Gregg with two Gs,” his wife got it years ago out of a mental hospital that was shuttering its doors.  So you know, not exactly what Shawn thought we’d be using.  But you have to look beyond the current condition and see the possibilities.

After a little primer, white paint, and gold spray paint, all of which we already had in the garage, the dresser was ready for its new home.

Before (minus the drawer pulls) 



The Blue Room


Total Cost: $0.00

  1. Borrowing next door neighbor’s Volvo station wagon so we wouldn’t have to strap it to the roof of the Jetta.
  2. Elbow grease to scrub and clean.
  3. Time to prime, sand and paint. (And sand and paint, sand and paint, sand and paint! The key to painting furniture is light coats of paint with fine sanding in between coats.)

Thanks Gregg!!



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