‘Someday’ We’ll Own a Bed & Breakfast

We survived our first Airbnb rental.

We had some issues (wi-fi password was wrong and a breaker was flipped) but all in all it went well. The guests seemed to enjoy themselves and our house was in one piece at the end of the weekend.

We have new guests checking-in this weekend. It already feels ‘normal’ to know strangers will be staying in our house. In fact in the process of all of this I have been more and more aware of how much I am enjoying preparing the house and trying to make it special for our guests. Friends keep telling me that people won’t notice the special touches (fresh flowers from my yard in the bedrooms, wine in the fridge, etc.)  Maybe they won’t, but I will. I know what it is like to appreciate those touches and more importantly I really enjoy creating them for others.

Shawn and I have long talked about opening a B&B someday and so far this experience is reaffirming that interest for me. I wish I could be there to greet our guests and bake fresh scones in the morning. There are few things that I enjoy as much as creating a special and beautiful gathering. So maybe ‘someday’ will start coming into focus more clearly and be a reality sooner rather than later.


One thought on “‘Someday’ We’ll Own a Bed & Breakfast

  1. I always notice the special touches! You would be a brilliant host. I always stay at b&bs and I hate when there are no extras or special touches. I will pay extra for that little touch of kindness. I am doing my first airbnb in July! Fingers crossed I picked a good one. Xos


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