Meat Filled Pillows

Sometimes you have to take your dogs to McDonalds.

Anyone that has ever had more than a 30 minute conversation with me probably knows I have two dogs.  More specifically the world’s two cutest dogs.  (Evidence below.)


Exhibit A – Maddie


Exhibit B – Marvin

And if you have talked to me for more than an hour you probably know exhibit B spends a lot of time in a vet’s office.  A. Lot.  We could have put a downpayment on a house for what we have spent in vet and orthopedic surgeon bills in the last 6 years.  But no house would bring us as much joy as that little nub wagger.

About two years ago we were doing a series of nine biweekly acupuncture appointments with Marvin (mmmhmmm, you read that correctly, acupuncture for the dog).  We both went to the first appointment but then Shawn took him for most of the subsequent appointments.

One day, during this time period, Shawn was working in the yard and as usual the dogs were milling about and making sure he was doing a good job. He noticed Maddie was limping.  Upon further inspection, her foot was gushing blood.  Jeez, what happened?!  It looked like a slice was cut off of her foot pad. We couldn’t figure out how on earth it happened and it was spurting so much blood the porch was beginning to look like a crime scene. It was around 1:30PM on a Saturday and regular vet hours end at 2PM.  Worried the bleeding wouldn’t stop we scooped her up and put her in the car to go to the vet. Because it was a clean cut there really wasn’t anything to stitch so the vet cleaned it, wrapped it and sent us on our way.  But that isn’t really the story I am trying to tell.

I was driving and Shawn was sitting in the backseat with our little patient. As I pulled out of the vet’s parking lot he said, “Oh, on the way home we have to go to McDonalds.”  We do?  Why? (Note: McDonalds isn’t exactly a regular part of our diet so I thought this was really strange.  Taco Bell….well, that’s another story.) Then I learned that after Marvin’s acupuncture appointments Shawn took him to McDonalds and ordered a ‘Number 2.’ (2 cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.) They would sit in the parking lot and Marvin would get a cheeseburger and Shawn would get a diet coke, cheeseburger and fries (he shared a few fries with Marvy).  So, it was only fair that Maddie be treated to the same.  So yep, into the drive-thru I pulled.  We saved some burger for Marvin, who was undoubtedly at home crying because he haaaaates to be away from his big sister.

So now, whenever the dogs go to the vet they get a cheeseburger. (And before anyone freaks out – yes, we ask them to hold the onions.)  We usually bring it home so they can share it.  When I take them I just get a single cheeseburger – for the dogs.  Shawn thinks this is crazypants.  But I’ll save my junk calories for ice cream, thankyouverymuch.


Mommy, I was a good boy for my vaccinations. Is it time to go get my cheeseburger?


Last winter, post teeth cleaning and growth removal.  Because of the teeth cleaning she had to wait a few days for her cheeseburger.  But don’t you worry; she got one.

UPDATE: Shawn just sent me this video of Maddie enjoying her post teeth cleaning/growth removal cheeseburger.   (Please ignore silly voices we use to speak to the dog.)


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