Dream Weavers

I have very specific and vivid dreams.

Scientific studies have indicated creative, imaginative people are more likely to have vivid dreams during sleep and remember them when they wake up. I take this as both a compliment and validation for the things that happen in my head while I slumber.

Just last night I dreamed I had a huuuuuge fight with our very dear friends, Ted and Dallas. They came to the house and Shawn and I were in the middle of some project or another. Dallas was mad at me because I’d sent her a text that she thought meant we were coming over to her house but in my mind the text meant we were working on getting our house ready for renters and didn’t know if we’d get it all finished in time (real life fear entering realm of sleep.) She slammed a casserole dish on the counter that contained both lasagna and brownies (yes, in one dish) and said, “Well fine, here is your birthday present since we probably won’t be speaking by then. Don’t bother to say thank you, it’s over.” (Note: My birthday is in August, but Shawn’s is next week so maybe a mash-up?) I tried to reason with her and then I tried to explain to Ted what happened. They left and I was really upset. Shawn thought I needed to walk to their house and apologize but I was hungry and wanted to eat the lasagna first. (It was really good!) The dream also included me yelling at them for getting a second dog. This morning I learned they had (rather jokingly) recently talked about getting a second dog. Maybe that means I can add psychic to my resume?

Because my dreams are very realistic it isn’t uncommon for me to be confused if something really happened or if I dreamed it. Which means when I have upsetting dreams I wake pretty rattled. In the 6 months or so after my father died I had a lot of those dreams. In some respects I loved them because it was like getting to spend time with him but in other ways it was terrible because I would wake up confused and upset. Though bad dreams can shake me, for the most part my dreams are something of an amusement to both me and the other cast of characters so I hope my mind keeps weaving these crazy dreams.

And so I am not the only one with this stuck in my head all day, please enjoy this video courtesy of Gary Wright and YouTube. (Oh man, just keep listening after this song ends, the “next up” songs are equally awesome.  And I don’t think I am just excited because I’ve been up since 5:20AM and had a lot of coffee. But DUUUUUDE….I am totally over caffeinated!)


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