I Love White Paint

When in doubt paint it white.

My solution for all things looking a little dingy, worn out or just plain ugly is paint. More specifically white paint. The problem with white paint is there are just so many options. And yes, they are all different. Thus it is important to pick your signature, go-to white. Mine is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. (But I can also get behind Decorators White and White Dove.)

I chose Chantilly Lace about 4 years ago. But it wasn’t as simple as going to the paint store and saying, “I’ll take that one.” I brought home no less than 40 paint chips and bought about 8 sample pots. Every piece of molding in the house had a different color white painted on it as I struggled to find ‘the one.’ Sometimes I would test a paint color and wonder how on earth this yellow/blue/tan/pink paint could be called white. It is possible Shawn contacted a divorce attorney during this process. Eventually he did say he couldn’t look at any more white paint and I should just choose one. So I headed to the paint store and spent an hour chatting with some poor twenty year old boy about my white paint conundrum. Together we chose Chantilly Lace. It was a magical moment!

The reason I brought this up is because today I am painting the stair rail spindles and some baseboard moulding and so my trusty white of choice will be coming out and making things that look a little “blah” right now look shiny and bright by day’s end.  (Oh, and if you are wondering, yes I have a go-to paint brush as well. A Wooster short angle 2-inch brush. It is awesomesauce and I don’t ever paint with anything else.)

I’m off to paint; have a great weekend!

White Paint


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