Yard Work Sucks

I don’t do yard work.

I mean on occasion I do find myself out there doing something or another (planting, watering, mowing the grass) but I don’t enjoy it. Shawn, on the other hand, seems to love it. And I don’t want to take away his joy so I let him do all the yard work! What can I say? I’m a giver.

But, this week I’ve embraced the fact that things need to happen and I am the one here so I best get over myself and head to the yard. Tuesday afternoon I filled the back of the car with potting soil, flowers, veggies, and herbs. I had a plan to spruce up the front steps and make it feel like summer. For a normal person this would have involved gabbing a few plants at the nursery, dumping dirt into the pots, putting the plants in the pots, watering, and calling it a day.  Well, that isn’t how it worked for me.

First I needed to choose a color palette (yellow, white and blue). Then I had to figure out the spacing of my pots, which flowers would go in which pots, and of course paint the pots the appropriate colors. Duh. Yesterday morning I set out to work. I worked diligently from 10:30AM until nearly 2PM. In that time I dumped out all of last year’s potting soil and wheel-barreled it to the woods, washed out all of the pots, painted them, planted flowers in the pots, planted tomato plants and basil (some in pots some in the ground), watered the new plants, watered the grass seed I put out earlier in the week, and re-mulched and generally cleaned up some other plant beds in the yard. In the process I got a deep scratch in my arm that wouldn’t stop bleeding (thanks hydrangea bush!), a bee stung me, a tick crawled out of my hair and onto my forehead (ewww), and I got the worst sunburn of my life. WTF?

Though I am generally pleased with the way the front steps are coming together I am totally fine with the fact that Shawn will be here this weekend to take over.

(The large blue pots up front contain plants that will bloom yellow flowers. These plants were labeled “Bee Friendly.” Clearly the bee that stung me did not get the message.) 


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