Whose Idea was Five Days a Week?

So, remember when I said I was going to write five days a week?

Ugh.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I don’t have anything to say.  I mean I know this is only day seven but jeez. Usually I am quite a chatter box but I just feel like I have nothing in my head right now. I could tell some story about something that happened once upon a time.  I have plenty of those. Or I could talk about the things I have planned for today or this week or….

But really, all I want to do is go back to cutting fabric, which is what I have been doing for the last hour.  I have some ideas brewing in my head for a few pillows and I want to work on that instead of forcing a blog post just because I said I would write five days a week.  After all, if the point is to be creative and this isn’t where my creative juices are flowing than this seems kinda pointless right now.

The phrase creative juices is funny. And kinda gross.  But it makes me want to make some sort of beverage called ‘Creative Juice.’ I am sure people in Brooklyn would buy it and drink it. Bah-ha-ha, just goggled.  Of course it already exists.  And dumb New Yorkers are paying $10 a bottle for it.  {Note: because I am both a New Yorker and a former Brooklynite I feel totally comfortable with making fun of both of these groups of people.}



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