Thirty Minutes or Less

The sun is out!

I was beginning to think we’d never see it again.  I have a list of outdoor chores that I have been avoiding since it rained everyday last week and I don’t want to spend all morning at the computer trying to come up with something to say for a blog post that will definitely be read by my husband and maybe read by 3 or 4 other people.  So I will  live up to my promise to write 5 days a week but I will also take a note out of Dominos’ play book and write this in 30 minutes or less.  (I don’t think Dominos makes that promise anymore, but nonetheless I plan to ‘avoid the noid’* in blog land this AM.)

Everyone keeps asking me, “How does it feel [to have quit]?”  I don’t really know.  It isn’t like I quit and then started doing something crazy or brand new.  I spent the first week working on a punch list of tasks for the house to ready it for renting (part of the plan to off-set my current lack of salary is to rent the upstate house, sigh….)  I also finally finished my sister’s birthday quilt (yes, her birthday was in January.)  So I’ve done things like caulk, paint, and sew.  Nothing about that is new or extraordinary.  I guess it is new that I was able to do it all week.  That being said, until December I had a very flexible job for a long time and so it wasn’t all that unusual for me to be able to take a week off to do these type things.  So, right now the big difference is I am working my butt off and no one is going to magically send me a check.  That is the part I will have to get used to.  It is something Shawn pointed out to me a few times as I was considering leaving my job. When you are a salaried employee, there is something really nice about the built in guarantee of a paycheck.  You don’t really have to think about it. You go to work everyday and do your job and like clock work a paycheck appears into your bank account.  My last paycheck appeared in our bank account last Thursday.  I looked at the deposit this weekend as I was paying some bills and tried not to panic.  I think I did a pretty good job.

I think that is going to be the biggest challenge for me in all of this change – not panicking.  I want to believe it is all going to work out and for the most part I do, but sometimes these thoughts creep in: ‘How will we pay the bills?’  ‘This is irresponsible.’ ‘You are just being lazy.’  ‘What will you do all day?’  But then I realize it is thoughts like those that kept me on a path that I found so unsatisfying for so long.  I made so many decisions and choices based on what I thought I should do rather than what I wanted to do or what made me happy.  And I need to change that way of thinking.  There is no reason those to things have to be mutually exclusive.

Ding – 30 minutes is up!  Until tomorrow….


*Wikipedia Fact about the Noid:

On January 30, 1989, Kenneth Lamar Noid, a mentally ill man who thought the ads were a personal attack on him, held two employees of an Atlanta Domino’s restaurant hostage for over five hours. After forcing them to make him a pizza and making demands for $100,000, getaway transportation, and a copy of The Widow’s Son, Noid surrendered to the police. After the incident ended, Police Chief Reed Miller offered a memorable assessment to reporters: “He’s paranoid.” Noid was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, extortion, and possession of a firearm during a crime. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Noid spent three months in a mental institution, and eventually committed suicide in 1995. This incident caused Domino’s Pizza to discontinue advertising using the Noid as their mascot.


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