Finding Structure

Finding structure in my day is key to my happiness.

When I first started talking about quitting my job (and then immediately worrying about what I would “do” with my time / how would I make money) Shawn was quick to say he had no doubt that I would spring into action and work towards a plan because I have a lot of self-discipline and drive and am constantly working on something.  It’s true, I have an ever growing list and an overactive imagination which constantly comes up with more ideas.  I feel guilty if I have not accomplished something everyday and even when I am watching TV I am usually doing something else — ironing, drawing a quilting pattern, googling how to install tile.  But the task for me right now is not only doing the things I want to do but pushing myself to do things that don’t come so easily for me.  Enter the blog.

I am challenging myself to write something, anything, 5 days a week.  Part of my new daily structure will be to write a post of some sort Monday through Friday.  So that’s kinda like a warning that I am going to keep pushing content out into the world and it might not be so great but it will be something.  I am looking for my voice and my audience.  And maybe I’ll learn that I really don’t have either of those things but if I don’t at least try I’ll never know.

Ugh, that last sentence felt so blah, woe is me.  In my defense it is raining. AGAIN.  It has rained every day since Saturday.  We got a little break for a few hours yesterday.  I took advantage of that break and mowed the lawn. Question – Why is it when I vacuum the dogs are so afeared of the totally harmless vacuum that they leave the room, but I can nearly push over them with the lawnmower before they will move?  Don’t they know the lawnmower can actually hurt them?  (Cue Annie soundtrack, “Dumb dog, dumber than they come dog…”)

It’s possible I told you that story about the dogs and the lawnmower simply as a way to validate including pictures of said dogs in this post.  What they lack in logic they make up in cuteness.  I mean come on, looking at these two!

Also, I don’t feel like this post would be complete if I didn’t confess the entire time I’ve been writing I’ve been thinking about the now defunct men’s clothing store “Structure.” You remember, it was popular in the 1990’s and sold all of those graphic print, silk button-down shirts.  I very specifically remember buying those shirts for my high school boyfriends.  I did a google image search and found them listed on e-bay as “vintage 1990’s shirts.”  Is 1990’s really vintage?  #feelingsuperold.

I am now going to take my vintage self into the kitchen, find my to do list and cross off, ‘write blog post.’  Happy Weekend!!


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