The Importance of Clean Baseboards

Clean baseboards make a difference.

When I was a kid it seemed my Dad was always talking about cleaning the baseboards.  It was a bit of a family joke.  I can specifically remember times when my parents would get us ready for church but then my Dad would stay home to mop the floors and clean the baseboards.  {They say cleanliness is next to godliness so I guess it was logical?!}

Fast-forward to now.  I totally get it.  Dirty baseboards just make things look dingy and shinny, dust, dirt, and dog hair-free baseboards somehow make the walls and floors look cleaner.  The thing is, it isn’t hard to do.  You dust or vacuum them off and then run a warm, soapy rag across them and voilà – everything looks better!

Now, I could write a little how-to section on cleaning baseboards but a search on Pinterest will produce like 500 of these and I really have nothing new or innovative to add to the subject, but incase you are still feeling a little uncertain, check out this info-packed post by Clean Mama.

And now, I am going to clean my baseboards!


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