What’s in a name?

Why “Home Sweet Heights.” Well….

Like most things in my life, there is no quick answer.  I’ll do my best not to ramble too much.  In October 2014 we sold our first apartment.  The market in our neighborhood was suddenly on fire and I wanted to take advantage of it. We loved our apartment and our neighbors had become some of our best friends (shout out to our 40 OP peeps!)  But I’d never really embraced the Brooklyn vibe and longed to return to Manhattan.  I’d started to explore upper Manhattan, an area where apartments are still “cheap.”  I’d also decided since we had the house upstate and basically used our apartment as a crash-pad after work we could downsize.  {Yes, you read that correctly, I thought our 950 sq. ft. apartment seemed too big for just the two of us and our two dogs.}

My dearest husband loved Brooklyn, but loves me more and so on a lark we put out apartment on the market.  Within 5 days, and before we had a single open house, we received an over asking offer.  WHAT?  When our broker called me with the offer, I was unusually quiet and reserved.  I hung up the phone and thought, “Wait, did I misunderstand what she just said?”

The apartment was sold but we still hadn’t settled on a place to live so we moved in with my sister (story for another day.)  Fast forward to January 2015 we made an offer on our new apartment in Washington Heights. It was a fixer-upper but we were ready for the challenge, sweat equity is our favorite kind of equity.  It had paid off in spades in our Brooklyn place and we plan to do the same in The Heights.

And now we get to the answer for my blog name.  I thought I’d chronicle the process of buying in a Co-Op, a challenging and unique to NYC experience, as well as our renovation process.  After all, I spend too much time reading other people’s renovation blogs so it just made sense for me to have my own.  I had big ideas and then zero follow-through.  On the blog that is, our apartment has undergone a lot of transformation with much, much more in the works.

So with the whole quitting my day job thing happening I find myself ready to write, but not so sure I want to talk about the renovation of the apartment but rather exploring my creative ambitions – be it house related or otherwise.  So the name, Home Sweet Heights, is feeling a little forced and not quite right.  I’ve always used ‘p squared’ or ‘p squared designs’ for the things I’ve made, but psquareddesigns.com is owned (but not used) by someone else.  I am still toying with a workaround or something that feels “more me.”  Until then, I’ll keep posting my daily mind meanderings in this space.

And for those of you wondering what I did on my first day of unemployment – I spent 8 quality hours with Bernie (my Bernina 560) quilting the Ombre Quilt I am making for my sister’s birthday.  Yes, her birthday was in January.  Yes, I am a little behind schedule.

Quilting pattern

Quilting design as drawn on paper.

At the machine

Taming the beast  – a queen quilt is a lot of fabric!


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